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Giving Back

Stones are not fragile objects. They form under the toughest conditions. Their beauty is only possible through the hardship they endure. When I was going through my battle with cancer, this resonated with me beyond compare. I too was shaped through the hardship I was facing. In the name of my company, I wanted to honour this fight with cancer, both my own and all the others’ who have battled alongside me. I see each story as that of a true gem, forged under the harshest of circumstances.

Each piece has been named in honour of those directly affected by cancer. Each piece shares a bit of their individual story - their name and their diagnosis. Each piece represents their strength, resiliency, and inner-beauty. 

Isla Stone has decided to give a portion of our profit to cancer research to honour all of those who have gone through, or are still going through, a battle with cancer.