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Isla's Tips

Here is the best beauty advice you will ever get: Know thyself. 

Imagine if the goal was not to change who you are but instead to find ways to complement your current perfection. Turns out, that’s exactly what our goal is.

By understanding what accessories are perfectly suited to you, you will be able to put your best attributes centre stage—and what a performance they will give. The best place to start on this journey? Your skin and eye colour.  

What colours complement my hair colour?
Knowing what colours complement your hair is the first port of call when it comes to selecting accessories. Whether you have hair the colour of the darkest night, the brightest midday sun, or the reddest sunset, understanding how colours work together will help you sculpt your look into a work of art. 
Here’s the lowdown:

Black means bold is beautiful
Yup, if you have black hair, this is going to be fun. When it comes to accessories, black hair means bold, it means bright, it means brilliant. The only colours to steer clear of are the more earthy tones.

Colours to think of: reds, green, pinks. Think topaz and amethyst, think vivid, think making a statement.

Red returns you to the earth
Redheads get their hair to do the talking. This means, they should find accessories that allow that to happen. Very bright colours often compete for attention. Shades of grey can also get washed out by the magic of the redness.

Colours to think of: neutral, muted shades. Dark green shades can also work very well as red and green are complementary colours.

Brunettes have all the fun
Brunettes can get creative when it comes to their accessory picks. Most colours work well, ranging from autumn colours, to bright and bold, to more neutral.

Colours to think of: Purples and darker reds are on the menu. Lucky you! They’re not on everyone’s choice list.

Blondes become the bombshells
If blonde were a wine and not a hair colour, it would be fair to say that it would pair well with most things. Golden locks act as a great backdrop for a range of colours and styles.

Colours to think of: While blondes can pull off a range of looks, blues, greens and oranges are often very effective when it comes to making your look pop. 

What colours complement my eye colour?
Funny that for the real estate they take up on our bodies, eyes have such a huge impact on our overall look. Every set of eyes is a duo of jewels. You want to make sure that yours are perfectly on display. 
Here’s what you should be thinking about:

Think of your brown eyes as the earth. What complements the earth better than sea? So yes, the colours you should be shooting for are blues and greens. Your accessory treasure chest should be littered with blue sapphire and emerald.

Blue eyes pop. You don’t want to steal their thunder. What better way to accomplish this than by going for muted tones? Opt for the silver / grey colour spectrum. Browns work nicely too!

Pure green eyes are rare. You should treat them like the precious gems they are. Don’t try to upstage them. Gold and silver both work nicely with green eyes, along with anything on a more muted palette.

If your eye colour is the perfect storm of green and brown, you want them to stand out. Don’t go for colours that will water down their magic. Instead, go in the other direction: pinks and purples.